Giant Pandas take 777F back home

Bamboo chewing giant pandas Tai Shan and Mei Lan are to fly from the USA to China on the 4th February. Non stop.

The pandas are travelling on a FedEx Epress 777 Freigher, fancifully called the FedEx Panda Express.

The four and three year old pandas were born at the National Zoo and Zoo Atlanta and are flying to Chengdu, China as part of a world wide preservation scheme.

Experts think that there’s only 1,600 pandas left in the wild. They’ll be united when Mei Lan flies from Atlanta to Washington DC.

From there they’ll travel in two custom built containers and arrive in Chengdu on February the 5th after a 14 and a half hour flight. There won’t be any nooky going on a mile high, because the pandas will be separated from each other.

Mei Lan and Tai Shan won’t be living with each other – each is going to a different conservation centre. Let’s hope they don’t fall in love when they clap eyes on each other because that would a sad tale of unrequited love.

*Eyesee Once you’ve seen the arrow formed between the letters E and x in FedEx, you never see the letters of the alphabet again.