Geek builds own working Star Trek Phaser

Set phasers to holy cow. One Youtube User, jayrob94561, has figured out how to make his very own, working Star Trek phaser.

Wired up all by himself, the DIY deathray has all the trimmings, including fancy blue LED lights and an ability to make balloons pop. Star Trek inspired mischief may be ruining childrens parties near you soon.

The modification used the Playmates 1994 Star Trek Phaser, and features a 3 volt supply and a FlexDrive. Jayrob warns that the mod can cause permanent eye damage because of the laser output, and requires extreme caution when using.

Jayrob has posted up a full picture tutorial on laser pointer enthusiast site,, just in case any of you amateurs want to accidentally blind yourself in the name of geekery.

We found this at Gammasquad.