Gates wants to solve chicken and egg question

Software King of the World Sir William Gates III is placing his eggceptional resources to decide the age old question “what came first – the chicken or the egg”.

Gates’ solution is to work out a way to create an egg without needing a chicken. He is egging on a high-tech food lab at Hampton Creek Foods in San Francisco, to hatch out a chicken-less egg substitute.

According to NPR,   the aim is to leave the future of the chicken free to cross any road it might like.

Hampton Creek’s egg substitute product is called Beyond Eggs. It’s made from bits of ground-up peas, sorghum and a few other ingredients.

Apparently Bill Gates is shelling out some investment into it. He is interested because the world is not going to be able to sustain the current rate of growth in animal based foods.

In 2000, the global demand for eggs was about 14 million tons, according to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation. By 2030, that’s expected to climb to 38 million tons.

Fake eggs don’t raise the same food-safety concerns and some consumers also worry about food allergies.

Currently the fake eggs work well in baking, but cannot do a decent scramble yet.