Even a Protozoan does not believe in intelligent design

Protozoans are living proof of evolution and that the theory of intelligent design is religious nonsense.

According to the Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology, which we get for the Spot the Amoeba competition, protozoans do not need a creator to have existed.

Intelligent Design theorists claim that the Cambrian explosion 545 million years ago cannot be explained by Darwinian evolution – because it happened too fast.

However Farmer and Habura point out that protistan evolution had begun well before then and provided the genomic diversity from which multicellular organisms arose.

Another ID argument that Protozoans disprove is that no one has ever seen the development of a new species.

However Farmer and Habura have seen a case where amoebae became symbiotically dependent upon infecting bacteria. If the symbotically dependent amoebae subsequently tried to interbreed with the parent stock, the parent stock died of the bacterial infection. Thus the two became genetically isolated.

Lastly the ID argument that that the fossil record does not show transitional species do not apply to protozoans as there is a detailed fossil record of protists does exhibit just such intermediate forms.

Farmer and Habura said that a detailed understanding of protistan biology offers scientists and lay persons alike the ability to address current attacks on evolutionary theory, and to “refute the claims of ID creationists who insist on invoking supernatural explanations to account for observable phenomena”.

Looks like a protozoa can make a monkey out of intelligent design theory.