Electric car to whizz around M25, twice, on a single charge

Imperial College London has finished work on an electric “supercar” and today will zoom it around the M25, twice, on a single battery charge. The team behind the car plans to cross the Americas with the car this July.

The Racing Green Endurance, or RGE team will attempt to whizz two laps around the M25 in the modified, electric Radical SRZERO car – in an attempt to beat a previous record in a Tesla electric car which managed a single lap around the M25 on a battery charge.

Having seen the traffic on the M25 we expect the laps to take approximately four hours.

Later this year, in July, the team plans to trek across the Pan-American Highway which will take it on a 26,000 kilometre tour all the way from the northern tip of Alaska to the southern tip of South America.

The electric car is no joke, says Imperial College London. It has a top speed of 200km per hour and can manage 100km per hour in seven seconds. Compared to the gas guzzlers of old this electric car has a running cost of just a penny per mile, and can run for about 400km before its battery needs a recharge. No talk of a USB charger just yet.

While being a fun jolly for the team, Nigel Brandon, director of the Energy Futures Lab at Imperial College, reckons the trip will highlight serious points on carbon emissions. “To meet current government targets by 2050, we need to refine a range of technologies including electric vehicles, which will help us move towards a low carbon economy.”

Check it out: