Dog phone could save thousands

We don’t know about the rest of everyone in Internet Land but if there was a way to make phone calls from a dog we’d be all over it. Laura Boffi, of the Copenhagen Institute of Interactive Design, has come up with a wearable vest for messenger dogs with built-in GPS.

The idea is that the dog is trained to trek around disaster areas, and when they find a stranded straggler, they’ll sit in front of them. When he’s walking around, his jacket will play sounds to make nearby survivors aware of their doggy internet saviour. A hammy sounding American guy will then tell you, from the vest, that this dog is a messenger dog, and guide the rescued through recording a voice or picture message.

Laura Boffi’s artist profile on Bauhaus Lab says that one of her aims for the future is to apply her design research to the field of medicine and health care, but “sometimes her curiosity for the things she still doesn’t know makes her take unpredictable ways.”

Unpredictable maybe, but we at TechEye are hoping for an iDog revolution. Perhaps where, in the not so distant future, every dog in a 5 mile radius to Cupertino will be branded with an apple, wearing compulsory vests, preaching the Gospel of Steve day and night.

We found this on Mike Elgan’s blog here.

Messenger Dog from laura boffi on Vimeo.

*EyeSee Laura Boffi has commented on this story – see below – to the effect that it was a collaborative project between her, Mary Huang and Li Bian.