DNA from fossil unveils human species

Scientists have used DNA from a fossil to discover another species of human that lived alongside Neanderthal man and modern humanity.

For 10,000 years the species lived alongside the other types of humans until it disappeared – 40,000 years ago.

The fossil was uncovered by an international team of researchers in a Siberian cave and shows all three types of humans shared a common ancestor one million years ago –  and all migrated independently out of Africa at different times.

The DNA was found from the pinky finger of a five to seven year-old child. The body was found surrounded by rudimentary tools and trappings of life dating from 48,000 to 30,000 years ago, with few other pieces of the body available to help anthropologists piece together what the being looked like.

According to the popular science magazine Nature, which we get for the nucleotide crossword, boffin Svante Paabo, was surprised to discover the new creature.

The creature was found with a copy of the Daily Mail tucked under her arm and was clearly concerned about the Neanderthals coming over to Siberia and stealing jobs. We made this last paragraph up.