Developers come up with glove to help the deaf speak

A team of three developers, Oleg Imanilov, Zvika Markfeld, Saron Paz, and Tomer Daniel, showed off some brilliant technology which they say will help deaf people communicate.

The prototype glove, which was demonstrated at a recent Google developer event in Tel Aviv, contains sensors to detect hand gestures which are then interpreted via a smartphone app to produce text.

According to the Atlantic, flex sensors embedded in the fingers of the glove detect finger positions while an accelerometer and tilt sensor detects hand movement and orientation.

At the moment the three are working out ways to get the system to interpret more gestures but they have an early proof of concept which could provide “a simple and cheap interface for people not versed in sign language to easily communicate with the hearing-impaired”.

Now, if only there were a way that deaf people could send text messages to people who could hear properly. Then there would be no need for complicated gloves, but until that technology is with us, we guess it’s important to come up with new ideas.

show&Tell glove – introduction from sarohm on Vimeo.