Country kids think sheep lay eggs, ham comes from the Co-Op

A UK insurance company has claimed that two thirds of kids in the South West of England have some misconceptions about the origins of food.

Cornish Mutual – an insurance company – said that some young folk believe yoghurts are made from turkeys and ducks, bacon comes from horses, goats or peacocks, and cheese came from butterflies or rats. Or mice.

Children think burgers come from pigs – any fool knows that they come from McDonalds, which is a sort of a clown who lays them.

The company surveyed over 1,100 youngsters from Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset – they were aged between six and eight.

These counties are rural counties full of creatures like horses, cows, sheep, pigs and goats. Although we don’t know how many butterflies there are left.

One third of the children believed that rabbits, plastic or sheep were the main ingredients of crisps. Over 50 percent of the kids thought that ice cream was made of cheese, air, fish or potatoes.

So how come the children are so ill-advised on the origins of food?

A teacher, Justin Vernon, from the Topsham School in Devon didn’t answer that question – instead he talked about growing vegetables. Children are, apparently au fait with vegetables.  TV starlet Charlie Dimmock said about a scheme called “Dig Down South West” that she thought youngsters love getting their hands dirty.

Unfortunately, the survey didn’t ask the kids what Cornish Pasties are made of. We’d be interested to know, too.

DigDown is here.