Council approves plans to heat communal pool with local dead

The many advances in technology that are involved in the global changeover to renewable energy are something that TechEye has covered on a regular basis.

Despite the numerous ingenious methods displayed by many researchers across the globe, Redditch Council has approved a rather ghoulish way to heat the local pool.

In a move that could be described as energy efficiency taken a step too far, rather than splashing out on some photovoltaic panels to keep local swimmers warm, the council has opted to use the heat generated from the local crematorium. 

According to the council the macabre method will mean pocketing savings of £14,560, and will cover 42 percent of the heating needs of the Abbey Stadium Leisure Centre, according to the BBC.

Unison describes the approval as “sick”, but it appears that local residents are less concerned with the plan, and are more open to new approaches in these dire economic times.

“I am pleased to say that since news of the proposals broke and following consultation we undertook in Redditch, about 80 percent to 90 percent of the responses received by email, letter, phone calls and messages posted online have been in favour of the idea,” said council leader Carole Gandy.

While the idea of heating swimming pools from burning corpses may sound horrifying to most people outside the town of Redditch, in fact the practice is rather more common than perhaps thought. 

Sweden has a history of this rather unsettling method of energy generation.

Even Redditch’s neighbouring council of Warwick has been heating homes through crematoriums for fifteen years, adding to the irony that while many English pensioners might not be able to afford to heat their houses while they are alive, in death it’s another case altogether.