Coppers can switch off your car

The days of a speedy get away could become a thing of the past if a top secret EU body allows new technology to be adopted in the EU.

The EU is deciding whether to adopt technology which will allow coppers to remotely immobilise cars. It would require that all cars in the bloc are fitted with the device.

Dubbed ‘remote stopping’ technology could be activated by a switch in a control room, shutting off the fuel and cutting the ignition.

It will take ten years before the gear is being used and it will also allow police to track a vehicle’s movements as well as immobilise it.

According to The Daily Telegraph a group of senior EU officials, including several Home Office mandarins, have signed off the proposal at a secret meeting in Brussels.

Papers claim that cars on the run can be dangerous for citizens and criminals will take risks to escape after a crime. At the moment there is no way for police are unable to chase the criminal due to a lack of efficient means to stop the vehicle safely.

‘The project will work on a technological solution that can be a “build in standard” for all cars that enter the European market.’

The European Network of Law Enforcement Technologies (Enlets) has proposed a timetable to ensure the technology is fully developed by 2020.

Of course there are some who think that this is all an EU plot to take away British sovereignty. While we can see a problem with the tracking thing, we are not sure that turning off a car speeding away from the scene of an armed robbery is such a bad idea.

Conservative David Davis told the Daily Wail : ‘I would be fascinated to know what the state’s liability will be if they put these devices in all vehicles and one went off by accident whilst a car was doing 70mph on a motorway with a truck behind it resulting in loss of life.’

He is apparently less concerned about the risk of a stolen car driving through a school crossing. In any event his party installed  ground to air rocket launchers to screen the Olympics without being that concerned.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage claimed that it was an incredible power grab by the EU. It is appalling they are even thinking of it. Then his party is full of sluts so he probably has other things to worry about.

The Home Office said Enlets is not funded by them are carrying out a ‘wide range’ of ‘research projects’.