Computers make women old

A bloke who makes a living injecting poison into people’s faces has warned women that they risk becoming old quicker if the sit in front of a PC too long.

Dr Michael Prager, a Botox specialist, who spends his days paralysing faces with a neurotoxin, said that women are developing something called ‘computer face’ if they sit all day in front of their PCs.

Office workers were most likely to show premature signs of ageing. It is even worse if you are one of those people who frown or squint when you concentrate at the screen, he said.

“What is perhaps more surprising is the number of women with saggy jowls because they are sitting in one position for so long,” he told the Telegraph .

If you spend most of your day looking down then the neck muscles shorten and go saggy, eventually giving you a second neck.

As a generation grows up using computers things are only going to get worse.

Prager said that the women he is seeing at the moment have only been using computers at work for the last decade or so but the ones which are in their 20s now are going to be looking like poo in 10 years time.

Dr Prager, who has a practice near Harley Street, tells his clients to put a mirror next to their screen so they can see if they are frowning.

He also has several simple steps which can help stave off ‘computer face’, such as regular screen breaks and stretching the neck muscles.

Of course he also recommends paralysing your face with a neuro-toxin but then again he is a botox expert so he would say that.

He doesn’t say computer screens make men old, but perhaps it is just that no one really cares enough to do anything about it.