Computer works out how giraffes swim

Boffins armed with state of the art computer gear have finally worked out how giraffes swim.

For ages humanity has been kept awake at night wondering how it was physically possible for giraffes to swim.

While giraffes have been known to wade in shallow water they haven’t been filmed truly swimming, and according to common lore, they often avoid water.

Boffins Darren Naish and Donald Henderson turned to the computer and found that according to computer simulations, giraffes can swim. The reason they avoid water is that they are pretty bad at it.

The pair created a digital giraffe which involved numerous calculations on weight, mass, size, shape, lung capacity and centre of gravity. Calculations were made to discover rotation dynamics, and flotation dynamics .

They found that a full-sized adult giraffe would become buoyant in 2.8 metres of water. Anything shallower they can wade across.

After becoming buoyant, a giraffe would be unstable in the water due to its long, heavy legs, short body and long neck.

Once it was buoyant the beast would have to hold its head upwards at an uncomfortable angle.

It is ok, they did this in their own time and without any funding.