Company launches fruity e-fags

Researchers are hoping a new electronic e-cigarette, which is claimed to have none of the nicotine found in its rivals, will help people kick their smoking habit.
5 Colors are available in a range of colours and fruit flavours – including apple, blueberry, grape, peach and strawberry and are claimed to contain no smoke, nicotine, tobacco or tar.

The company also claims that because the product produces no smoke it can be used indoors, allowing people to bypass the smoking ban.

The fruity fags are said to help smokers get their fix by heating a non-toxic fluid which produces a smooth vapour, that feels just like smoke. The vapour dissipates quickly, leaving no fog or odour,  and is claimed to provide a cigarette-like sensation.

A single 5 Colors electronic cigarette costs £6.99 – or £24.95 for a pack of five –  and, apparently provides the same number of puffs – around 300 – as a traditional pack of 20 regular cigarettes.

However, seasoned smokers aren’t too excited about the new launch, telling TechEye: “Smoking is really good for you, but the price of cigarettes is totally iniquitous. Heavy smokers – my doctor says 20 a day makes you a heavy smoker – should go to Barcelona where cigs are only 3.50 Euro. And the beer is cheap there too.”