Company claims milestone for glucose RFID chip

PositiveID Corporation said that it and its partner Receptor have made a breakthrough developing their in vitro glucose sensing RFID chip.

The chip is intended to sense glucose levels in the body and the two companies said they’ve synthesised a chemical building block which will be the anchor of the next generation sensing system component of the glucose sensor.

It is intended to be implanted in a human being, in order to help diabetes sufferers.

PostiveID said that it’s now in phase II of its the glucose sensisng microchip – that’s intended to optimise the sensing system in the presence of blood and interstitial fluid components.

The companies say that phase II will be complete around the middle of this year. There are over 23 million diabetics in the US, a number that is estimated to almost double in 25 years.

The companies did not say when the RFID chip will become a product.