Climate scientist cleared of fudging data

A climate expert who was named and shamed during “Climategate” has been cleared of fudging figures to suit his theory on global warming.

According to Apple’s unpaid press office the New York Times  Michael Mann was investigated by Pennsylvania State University after allegations that he had “seriously deviated from accepted practices within the academic community for proposing, conducting or reporting research or other scholarly activities.”

The panel said he had not. It was the second report from Penn State to clear him. An earlier report had exonerated him of related charges that he suppressed or falsified data, destroyed e-mail and misused confidential information.

In fact the only thing the new report criticised him about was that he had occasionally forwarded to colleagues copies of unpublished manuscripts without the explicit permission of their authors.

Private e-mail messages between Mann and other scientists were nicked from a computer at the University of East Anglia, in Britain, and posted on the Internet.

In one email, a British boffin called a data-adjustment procedure Dr. Mann used a “trick.”

The emails were used by climate-change sceptics to accuse mainstream researchers, including Dr. Mann, of deliberately manipulating the findings of climate science in order to strengthen their case that human activity is causing the earth to warm up.

Such groups claimed yesterday that the Penn report was a whitewash.

They pointed out that the panel did not try to vet the accuracy of the science published by Dr. Mann. They just looked at his methods and his willingness to share data with those sceptical of his findings and the like.

The panel’s results mirror two inquiries in Britain which cleared the scientists here who were caught up in Climategate.