Climate camp cries hypocrisy at 12,000 mile trip for two

The job of a non-profit pressure group member is no doubt a noble yet demanding one, so surely no-one would begrudge someone who spends all their time striving to make the world a better place the chance to fly to the sunnier climes of South America in a bid to further their aim, right?   Well, not if the group you happen to be working on behalf of happens to be the global warming prevention group Climate Camp.

This is the matter at the heart of a feud erupting within the climate change organisation following the decision by two of the group’s representatives to fly 12,000 miles to Bolivia at a cost of £1,200, according to the Mail.

One member of the group attacked the supposedly hypocritical decision to add another eight tons of carbon dioxide greenhouse gas to the planet claiming “If you believe flying halfway around the world is a necessary mission for Climate Camp, I feel you are sadly deluded.”

“It is an absolute disgrace that any Climate Camper would even think about going by air.”

Although no alternative travel suggestions were put forward it is quite probable that the only acceptable mode of transport would be to sail over on a boat constructed from recycled Fairtrade avocado packaging, fuelled entirely by the distilled power of rainbows.

The claims come amid tensions that the supposedly non-hierarchical organisation, who operate across the globe and were present at the Copenhagen environmental talks last year, is increasingly being led by an all-powerful elite that are ignoring the grassroots of the charity.   

“The hierarchical culture that is forming is dishonest and is in contradiction to our non-hierarchical principles and aspirations.  There was little discussion on the mode of transport to be used and no consensus to permit it,” said the members who handed in a formal complaint following the decision to book the trip.