Chinese want to put HP out of business

Chinese boffins have come up with a cunning plan to put HP out of business.

For years HP has been making printer ink which is more expensive than gold, but the Chinese have worked out a way to make it from water.

Now although governments are keen to pollute the water supply so their mates in big oil can survive, there is still a lot of the stuff about. Whereas printer cartridges are both ridiculously expensive and harmful to the environment.

Jilin University chemistry professor Sean Zhang and his team said that people still print their emails and all sorts of useless things so a paperless office is still the dream of executives with too much time on their hands.

They created an all-new printing system, using water in lieu of ink on a special paper that changes colour when wet.

Dubbing this paper “water-jet rewriteable,” Zhang’s team created it with dyes that are invisible until exposed to moisture; the water opens closed, colourless molecules in the paper, triggering the coloration. The paper can be printed on repeatedly, since the words are erasable.

Our guess is though that it will not solve the problems of printing which has to last a long time, like company reports.