Chinese break teleportation record

Chinese researchers have managed to pair particles over a distance of 97km.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, it is not quite the same thing as a Dalek transmat but it is getting closer to similar technology.

It is more what the boffins call “quantum entanglement”, whereby two particles act as one system despite being separate. In other words the photon transmits its quantum state to another photon, which becomes a clone of the original.

The Chinese were not really interested in getting a human from a spaceship to the surface of a planet either. What they are looking for is something which can provide instant data transfers. It is also a lot more secure because the data doesn’t travel through physical space, and therefore is much harder to be hacked or intercepted. Unless it is caught by Schroedinger’s cat in which case it can be expected to be tortured for hours before hiding under the sofa.

The paper published by researchers from the University of Science and Technology of China in Shanghai said that the research is an important step towards a global quantum network.

The engineers claim to have overcome the interference problems that have blighted the networks. They used a 1.3 watt laser to ensure the beam connecting the twin photons stayed on target.

Using this technique, the team was able to “teleport” more than 1,100 photons across a lake in China, smashing the previous record of 16km, which was set by a different group of Chinese researchers in 2010.