Buy yourself a space shuttle from NASA

If you’re minted and can’t be bothered to wait for Virgin Galactic to “take off,” you might do well to grab yourself a space shuttle from NASA.

Yes, we’re not quite out of the recession yet, and NASA is painfully aware. Thinking quick on its toes, the space geeks signed up to Craigslist* and listed all of its space shuttles for sale. It’s good news for eccentric, galaxy-obsessed multiple trillionaires with a tight budget: the shuttles are down from a huge $42 million to a cool, wallet friendly $28.8 million. They will go on sale as soon as the International Space Station is completed, says the New Scientist.

If you’re a lowly-waged simpleton, New Scientist suggests grabbing a space shuttle main engine off NASA for FREE (plus P&P). You’d better be quick though, while a hot tip now, it’s only a matter of time before the bargain-hunting whizzes at MoneySavingExpert clock on and stick the shuttles in their newsletter.

* EyeSee: When TechEye was merely a twinkle in JAM IT Media’s collective eyes, it was called Project X. With funding, Project X was going to be a mission to send the first tech journalist to the moon. JAM IT couldn’t get the funding, so settled for starting TechEye instead.

*Inaccurate at date of publishing