BT and Alcatel-Lucent create the fastest broadband

Researchers working for BT and Alcatel-Lucent have managed to test a broadband technology which can hit 1.4 terabits per second.

That is enough to send 44 high-definition movies in just one second and it can all be done on the existing fibre network in London.

The researchers used what is known as “flexigrid” infrastructure, creating an “alien super channel” made up of seven 200 gigabits per second (Gbps) channels. These channels were combined to give a total capacity of 1.4 terabits per second.

Gaps between these transmission channels were reduced, and the channels’ density was increased resulting in a 42.5 per cent increase in the efficiency of data transmission compared with current standard networks.

Alcatel-Lucent optical marketing leader Kevin Drury said that the technique was like decreasing the space between lanes on a busy freeway, allowing more lanes of traffic to travel on the same road.

The test was conducted on a 410-kilometre fibre link between central London and Ipswich in October and November. BT thinks it could help it to meet consumer and business demand for increased bandwidth.

Sadly this is all still backbone and core network stuff and will not change the speeds people will  receive at home. That still has to go through the last mile bottleneck.