Brits call for the repeal of the Law of Thermodynamics

A Tory website which was set up to ask Brits which stupid laws they would like repealed seems to have had an overwhelming response calling for the end to the law of thermodynamics.

Each law has been roundly debated and the common belief, before a Tory Party activist realised what was going on and shut down discussion, was that the laws of thermodynamics had had their day.

Obviously the first law which says that heat cannot be destroyed but only be converted to another one is  complete anathema to your average Tory. After all heat can simply enter the country and change into something else. It can also claim several benefits at the same time.

The second law “heat can spontaneously flow from a higher-temperature region to a lower-temperature region, but not the other way around” has totally failed to keep people coming from warmer countries and taking British jobs.

The third law which says that as temperature approaches absolute zero everything stops. Has been a principle that has run the British Travel networks for years, but it is perhaps time for a change.

It is not clear when the Law of Thermodynamics first came onto the statute books. Apparently the first one was dreamed up by Alexander the Great’s teacher Aristotle and the second one has been around since the 19th century.

Obviously laws that have been around that long should be considered “up for review” but no one seemed to suggest that the law of Gravity should be appealed.

The site was the Brain Child of David Cameron’s fag Nick Clegg who needs something to do otherwise he will end up demanding proportional representation again.