British Army developing force field

The British Army is developing Star Trek technology to protect its armour from anti-tank rockets.

Backroom boffins at the British military’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory have come up with a supercharged electromagnetic field that they think can repulse attacks on tanks and other combat vehicles.

Super capacitors built into the armour of these vehicles can store huge amounts of energy, which would then be deployed when an incoming threat is detected.

The super capacitors can deflect pretty much anything up to small missiles, and recharge quickly to prevent a subsequent attack.

Lead boffin Professor Bryn James of the Science and Technology Laboratory said it would mean that combat vehicles would not need so much heavy armour.

The electromagnetic field created would only last for a fraction of a second, so it would be absolutely critical to deploy the field at precisely the right moment to repel the attack.

This will mean that a tank will need an advanced tracking system that can gauge the exact instant to fire up the field.

In the meantime, the scientists at the Laboratory are continuing to develop the basic technology. The current goal for the research team is to perfect the technology and reduce the weight of armoured combat vehicles by a 70 percent in ten years.