Boffins finally create a bendy battery

Boffins in Korea have found a way to make bendy batteries.

Unlike other bendy things in the world – Bojo’s bendy buses for example – it is thought that these will actually be helpful in the world and can be used for roll up displays and light emitting diodes.

We haven’t seen these in the past because scientists have struggled to find the right materials to get it right. In order to make these they needed to find a material that was flexible but with a strong electronic conductivity. In the past they tried to form this using polymers but they failed as these degraded at low temperatures.

Now however, it looks like there’s a way to do this with scientists at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in Daejon, coming up with a graphene based hybrid electrode. This is said to produce a flexible lithium rechargeable battery.

Combining this with a V2O5 cathode, which is grown on graphene paper and using pulsed laser deposition and graphene paper coated in lithium, they have also been able to form the anode.

Combined, these factors have given birth to a battery, which is lightweight and flexible enough to be twisted or rolled and is said by the boffins to be “promising”.

If the battery components work the flexible battery will also have a better cycle life.