Boffins create mini-cyborgs

Boffins have emerged from their smoke filled labs with a method to turn your cells into mini cyborgs.

By injecting tiny silicon chips into each cell the boffins claim that they could become future intracellular sensors that monitor microscopic activities, deliver drugs to target cells or even repair cell structures.

According to the magazine Nanowerk, human cells can ingest or receive injections of silicon chips and continue functioning as usual.

More than 90 percent of chip-containing HeLa cells still survived a week after receiving their silicon loads.

Boffins at the Instituto de Microelectrónica de Barcelona in Spain think their experiment opens the doors for possibly putting microprocessors and other silicon-based devices inside cells.

His is good news for micro-computing and medicine.

Of course it also would enable immortal controllable synthetic beings with genetic kill-switches.

It could also mean that you could be programmed so that you never disobeyed the law and always did what you were told.