Boffins claim that Galileo was wrong

A group of top boffins are holding a conference next month to declare that the Church was correct to persecute Galileo for peddling his daft theory that the earth went around the sun.

More than ten boffins, most calling themselves doctors, are holding the first Catholic symposium on Geocentrism.

Well, they say the first, we assume that there might have been others, but the theory has not been that popular for a while.

According to a conference flyer  the conference subjects reads like a conference on UFOs. The big idea is that the truth of Geocentrism is known by the powers that be but they are hiding it. We guess it is because it proves everything that the Bible and the Church has said before Vatican II was completely right.

Dr. Robert Bennett is going to show scientific experiments indicating that the earth is motionless in space.

Others will show “proof” that the  earth is the centre of the universe, outer space is not empty and how carbon 14 & radiometric dating show that the earth is jolly young.

All this proves the Catholic church was completely right to stop these mad scientists from managing to prove wacky things like black holes, quasars, red shifts and cats which might be dead and alive at the same time.

The only problem is that the modern Catholic church seems to believe all this modern nonsense too.

Still if these boffins are right, then it seems that they were perfectly justified in burning Bruno at the stake for being a nutter and claiming that other planets could have life on them.  

It is proof that the world has gone to hell in a handbasket since we started believing in dinosaurs rather than what the Pope told us.  Joining your local Catholic Church is therefore the only way you will get any real scientific truth. Er…