Bill Gates invests in fake poo

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has bought about 200 litres of fake poo to test out some state of the art third world bogs.

Gates wants the fake poo to create loos that don’t need water, electricity or even connection to a sewage system.

His latest move is to improve the lives of the 2.6 billion people in the third world who do not have access to a toilet.

As a result places are exposed to deadly disease because there are no pipes in their villages to support flushing toilets and no treatment plants.

According to APthe fake poo is made from soya bean paste and rice and behaves more or less the same way when dumped in a toilet as the Real Thing. The synthetic poo does not honk and is being supplied by toilet testing organisation Maximum Performance.

While many of us were surprised that someone came up with a business idea of making fake poo and found someone interested in buying it. But we guess that the bloke who signed off on Vista must know a lot about fake poo.

Thanks to three million in grants from Gates, eight engineers took up the challenge to reinvent the commode into a self-contained, power- and water-less system.

Apparently the whole thing is powered by the poo which it dries and burns. Anything left over is converted into fertilizer.

Gates is also looking at a a solar-powered toilet and one that converts waste into electricity with microwaves.

Gates said that to test all the gadgets he needed 50 gallons of fake poo.