Beer is really good for you, it's official

“Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” – Benjamin Franklin

Scientists at the University of California have concluded that beer is good for you. It’s not always good for you. The present author quaffed so much beer on two separate occasions that on his way home he slipped and cracked two separate sets of ribs. Twice.

That wasn’t good.

A lot of people, like Benjamin Franklin, quoted above,  already knew that beer is good for you, and God given. But the scientists at the Department of Food Science and Technology at the university have found that beer is a rich source of silicon and might help prevent osteoporosis.

Charles Bamforth, lead author of the study, said: “The malts with the higher silicon contents are pale colored which have less heat stress during the malting process. The darker products, such as the chocolate, roasted barley and black malt, all have substantial roasting and much lower silicon contents than the other malts for reasons that are not yet known.”

Tony DennisThe research, published in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, says silicon is present in beer in a solumble form as orthosilicic acid (OSA). That makes beer a large component of silicon intake in the Western diet, said the scientists.  Our old hack mate, TechEye’s Tony Dennis, proves that he knows beer is good for you. He’s shown here on the right, proving Benjamin Franklin’s qiotation that beer makes you happy.

The boffins said: “Some studies suggest moderate beer consumption may help osteoporosis, a disease characterised by low bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue.”