"Bat fellatio" paper lands uni academic in hot water

The University College Cork has become embroiled in one of the more odd sexual harassment cases you might encounter.  One of the university academics, Dylan Evans, has been accused by a co-worker of sexual harassment in the work place following an incident in which the psychologist asked the accuser to read through a copy of a paper he had been working on.   

At first glance this may not sound like the most sexually charged of requests, however the paper in question was unfortunately entitled ‘Fellatio by Fruit Bats Prolongs Copulation Time’, reports New Scientist.

Allegations of harassment have led to Evans being landed with a two year period of monitoring and counselling following the incident. Furthermore Evans is adamant that, despite being declared innocent of harassment, the president of the university, Michael Murphy, has effectively blocked him from landing a tenure at the university.

Evans, however, believes that the whole incident has been misinterpreted and blown out of proportion.  “There was not a shred of a sign of offence taken at the time. She asked for a copy of the article,” said Evans.

And surely he is right – what guy has not used the old ‘bat fellatio’ line as an opening gambit on a night out?

Unfortunately for Evans the letters received from the lady in question, who claims that she only accepted the papers to get him out of her room, show that he has a bit of previous form when it comes to the sex pest malarkey.     

She claims that “this is not the first time Dr. has raised sexual subjects with me.”

“The previous week, he came to my office uninvited to show me the book that he is reading about the life of Casanova.  He said he admired Casanova because he slept with hundreds of women.”

“On many occasions he used unwelcome patting, hugging, kissing on the cheek and touching behaviour with me. He also used to make compliments on my beauty or the way I was dressed.”

Despite this Evans has received backing from professors at universities across the world including Steven Pinker of Harvard University, and even the Irish Federation of University Teachers has asked Mr Murphy to back down on the enforced period of monitoring.  Murphy is yet to give a response on the subject.

For the depraved bat porn aficionados out there here is a link to a video of the bat in action, courtesy of New Scientist I hasten to add, should you wish to satisfy your curiosity.