Aussie scientists create zero gravity beer

A group of Australian scientists are creating the perfect tipple for the new breed of space tourists, with development of a zero gravity beer which we suspect will eventually be branded as ‘rocketfuel’.

The team at Queensland University has taken that first bold leap into zero-gravity piss-ups – the initial response of Aussie scientists after witnessing the original Vostok space mission, taking a nice cold Castlemaine up into the shuttle with them.

The brew, Vostok Space Stout, is named after the first Russian trip into outer space, though whether it will be sold in the same little tins that budget airlines flog for £300 each is unclear.

The students used a microgravity ‘drop tower’ to develop a beer that is drinkable in the low gravity environment of space, with ambitions to cater for the future space tourism trade.

“The tower is about 30 metres high and it gives us about two seconds of zero gravity,” Professor Ted Steinberg said.

Essentially they’re looking at the correct carbonation level so it can be consumed in zero gravity. They’re really trying to perfect the carbonation level and behaviour.

“If it was too carbonated it would not sit well, if it was not carbonated enough you wouldn’t get the flavour.

“Australian students are quite keen to develop microgravity beer projects,” Castillo “joked”.

The researchers were able to achieve two seconds of zero gravity by loading the liquid into a 400 kilogram metal capsule and dropping it from the top of the microgravity tower.

“Two seconds may seem like a little time, but it is a lot for studying a very large variety of phenomena in reduced gravity such as combustion of metals, fire safety, certain biological processes and fluid dynamics,” he said.

One lucky astronaut got a taste of the brew on a zero gravity flight and gave the beer a boozy two thumbs up.

Along with news that certain banned substances were recently found at the NASA space station it seems outer space is the place to go for the wildest debauchery.