Apple's Woz warns that computers will displace people

Apple c-ofounder and Dancing Queen, Steve Wozniak told Michigan State University graduates that the computers he’s helped create will soon make us irrelevant as a species.

Woz was given an honorary doctorate of engineering from MSU for his many accomplishments in the personal computing industry.

But he warned that every time a computer was used to do something, it was making humanity less relevant.

According to Digital Trends, he claimed that the cyborgs are winning and also made a bit of a Freudian slip by added that the “androids are winning!”.

Woz said that artificial intelligence will be more like a real person. Computers will be like a friend you would want to go and meet. Somebody that can talk to your face; somebody that can understand things and knows the kind of jokes you like. AI will be like someone that knows what sort of things to say.

One of the hurdles for AI are the human senses. A computer cannot create art, if it can’t sense things that a human understands, like the wind on a beach.

Computers can hear, see, touch and sense motion, just like our inner ear, he said

Woz added that pretty soon there will be holograms, which will be much better than  3D television.

“We’ve created a new species; no question. We’re creators and, like I said, we’re making ourselves less relevant,” Woz said.

All that is left for humanity is Woz’s equation for happiness: H = 3F. It stands for “Happiness equals food, friends, and fun.” He said humanity must try to have fun while it is still relevant.