Anti-ageing gadget measures your free radicals

A company has developed what it claims is the world’s first anti-ageing test gizmo as part of a self-help kit.

ScioGen designed and made the Radical Meter which measures free radicals in the body. Chief scientific officer Soren Demin said that billions are spent on anti-ageing products every year but no one knows whether they really work. He said that the meter helps people make informed decisions about their health and what works or doesn’t.

The Radical Meter has a similar modus operandi to home blood glucose monitors – it produces a pin prick of blood placed on a testing strip and inserted into the monitor. The monitor produces and stores a numerical reading of free radicals in the bloodstream.

Demin said that there’s been a growing reliance on cosmetics and anti-ageing creams and a “startling trend” towards expensive and invasive surgical and non surgical procedures.

The Radican Meter kit with test strips and accessories costs £180. There’s more information on its web site, here.