Another bloke builds a robot girlfriend

Geeks the world over appear to be giving up on trying to impress girls and are inventing gadgets that do not cause them so much trouble.

The latest one, built by a US bloke, appears to be the spit of Dr Who’s assistant Donna Noble.  This is odd because we would have opted for Peri or Sally Sparrow.

OK she is thinner but she does not look the brightest of robots. Apparently Roxxxy she will talk endlessly about your interests. And she’ll have sex whenever you please while her batteries hold out. 

She is yours for $7,000. She can’t vacuum or cook, but otherwise she does almost everything else,” said her inventor, Douglas Hines explained.  Real girlfriends are expected to do this and put out in geek land.

She uses voice-recognition and speech-synthesis software to answer questions and carry on conversations.

Roxy comes with multiple personalities installed ranging from “Frigid Farrah” to “Wild Wendy”.

Hines, who used to work in Bell Labs, thinks there is a tremendous for such a product.

He has been taking pre-orders through his Web site, Apparently thousands of lonely geeks have signed up.

Roxxxy’s body is made from hypoallergenic silicone molded over a rigid skeleton. While she cannot move on her own but can be contorted into almost any natural position.

She runs on a self-contained battery that lasts about three hours on one charge.

Customers can recharge Roxxxy with an electrical cord that plugs into her back.

A motor in her chest pumps heated air through a tube that winds through the robot’s body, which Hines says keeps her warm to the touch.

She talks in her sleep and snores, which can be turned off.