American woman speaks properly

An Oregan woman who woke up from a dentist’s anaesthetic suddenly had the ability to speak properly.

According to MSNBC, Karen Butler, who has been sentenced to a life in Oregon from the start, and like many in the country was crippled by a US accent, woke up and started speaking in an odd mixture of Irish, Scottish and northern British.

It is clear that the US press does not know what to make of it. People have not spoken properly in the US since the revolution, when speaking intelligently and clearly was ruled illegal by George Washington.

The 56-year-old woman is believed to have caught foreign accent syndrome, a rare but real speech disorder. It is sometimes caused by a stroke, a blow to the head, brain hemorrhage or multiple sclerosis. Either way the only way Americans can speak properly is if there is something wrong with them.

According to an expert from the University of Texas, a person suffering from the disorder is still understandable but they have trouble pronouncing consonant clusters or to elongate their vowels.

In other words it is not an accent change at all, it just sounds like the person has what others might think is an accent. A bit like Dick Van Dyke pretending to be a cockney.

However Americans, who have hung on to the myth that they speak something called American English, rather than some backward, pre 17th century unreformed dialect, this must be jolly confusing.