Alexander the Great pitched against Attila the Hun

A Britishcomputer wargame outfit has been making recreations of impossible battles for US telly.

Slitherine Strategies was asked by Spike TV to use its computer technology to work out who was the deadliest-warrior in human history.

It wanted to create a documentary series based on computer recreations.

After a round of weapons and other testing, the team puts the results of those tests through a computer simulation to come up with an answer of who is the deadliest warrior.

Max Geiger runs those computer simulations, working with biomedical engineer Geoff Desmoulin.

“I work pretty closely with Geoff, because he’s a biomedical engineer, and he understands the mechanics and mathematics behind all the trauma, to port that over into a simulation,” Geiger said.

The computer simulation was licensed from Slitherine Strategies in the United Kingdom and designed for army-to-army combat.

The code was adapted for the show so that it could be bought down to a man on man level.

The code was run 1,000 times in order to see who is the deadliest warrior, in a clean and somewhat legal format, as opposed to lining up two guys and having them stab each other.

We are not quite sure of the logic of bringing an RPG to a sword fight.  More here