3D printing pen wins enormous Kickstarter capital

A couple of entrepreneurs have come up with a rather clever application for an extrusion head straight out of a 3D printer. They turned it into a 3D printing pen.

The 3Doodler works like a run of the mill 3D printer, but it is completely manual. Of course, it cannot match the accuracy of 3D printers, but then again it should cost just $75. The cheapest 3D printers cost upwards of $2,000, as they employ complex mechanisms and electronics to control the printing process.

Although the contraption is designed by a couple of toy designers, it wouldn’t be a very good idea to give it to any kid. The metal tip can heat up to 270 degrees Celsius, so it isn’t a fantastic candidate for replacing the humble crayon.

3Doodler turned up on Kickstarter a couple of days ago and the crowd loved it. The team managed to raise $30,000 in no time, fully funding the project. In fact, at the time of publication, the doodler raised over $500,000, with pledges from 5,739 backers. That’s up almost $100,000 from first thing this morning. The original pledge was just $30,000.

The next step is to actually build the contraption. The designers say they already visited a Chinese factory capable of churning out thousands of units. With so much interest, they could have to make a return visit very soon indeed.