3D football shown in nine pubs

The world’s first 3D football game was televised yesterday in nine pubs across the UK. 

The screenings at top secret venues – withheld from public knowledge due to an expected stampede of punters – were overall deemed a great success. It is now likely that Sky’s pilot scheme will be followed by a roll-out of 3D sports events into viewer’s homes over the course of the year.

Sky logoWhile it was presumed by many that the sight of Wayne Rooney’s Shrek-like visage, in three harrowing dimensions, would provoke scenes of wide-spread panic reminiscent of the screening of the Hindenburg crash, such worries were quickly proved unfounded as viewers gawped in awe at the deep purple of hue of Sir Alex Ferguson’s nose.

Arsenal fan Alan Howe told the Daily Mirror that he was surprised by just how effective the new technology is:  “I have HD at home and I thought nothing could get better than that. It’s mind-boggling.”

With films such as Avatar ushering in the 3D era it is widely held that the technology will not be the play thing for mega-rich Hollywood producers for much longer.  While the first 3D camcorder is on sale from Panasonic at a prohibitively expensive $21,000, 3D TV sets will be available at more attainable £700-£1,000 prices in the near future, with plans from Samsung to mass produce the 3D glasses themselves likely to lower retail cost.

Sky plans to show 3D Premier League matches in hundreds more pubs before the end of the football season.