One day all chips will be wooden

oak tree - Wikimedia CommonsResearchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are predicting a day in the guture when semiconductor chips will be made out of wood.

The problem with current semiconductors today are that they are essentially toxic and non-biodegrable, and so the researchers think they can replace substrates of chips with cellulose nanofibril (CNF) a material derived from wood.… Read the rest

Kids of today have a short attention spa…..

cloudMicrosoft’s Redmond boffins have been adding up some numbers and dividing by their shoe size and reached the conclusion that electronics have created brains which have a shorter attention span.

It recently published a study (conducted using both surveys and EEG scans) suggesting that the average attention span has fallen since the start of the century.… Read the rest

Scientists create artificial neural circuit

Neural Network - University of California Santa BarbaraThe human brain has one quadrillion synaptic connections and in an attempt to approach the power of one person’s noddle, scientists have created one simple artificial neural circuit.

The scientists – at the University of California Santa Barbara – said that it tested a circuit of 100 artificial synapses to match a simple task of image classification.… Read the rest

SSDs can lose data in seven days

SSD+320+angle+right+1to1Solid State Drives (SSD) can start to lose their data and become corrupted if they are left without power for as little as a week, according to a new Joint Electron Device Engineering Council (JEDEC) report.

Seagate’s Alvin Cox, who is also chairman of the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council (JEDEC), wrote that the time that data will be retained on an SSD is halved for every 5 degrees Celsius (9 degrees Fahrenheit) rise in temperature in the area where the SSD is stored.… Read the rest

Steven Spielberg’s BASIC dad needs more attention

fd_steven-and-arnold-spielberg_061512There are moves afoot to make the world more aware of Steven Spielberg’s dad, who quietly invented modern computing.

According to Gereports, Arnold Spielberg revolutionised computing with his GE-225 mainframe computer and the development of BASIC.

In the late 1950s, the machine allowed a team of Dartmouth University students and researchers to develop the BASIC programing language, an easy-to-use coding tool that quickly spread and ushered in the era of personal computers.… Read the rest

IBM claims quantum computing breakthroughs

IBM logoBig Blue – first to develop the hard drive – said today its researchers have made two breakthroughs towards creating a practical quantum computer.

IBM said it had created the ability to detect and measure both kinds of quantum errors simultaneously and has also shown off a square quantum bit circuit design that it believes is the only physical design capable of scaling.… Read the rest