Marconi invented something useful after all

marconiThe Italian Brit who is famous for inventing the radio when he didn’t might have come up with a real idea after all and could be the brains behind a new form of wireless chip antenna.

Cambridge engineer Gehan Amaratunga, was looking at Guglielmo Marconi’s British patent application from 1900, known as 7777 , and he spotted a little noticed detail.… Read the rest

Boffins develop automatic troll slaying

Wikia_HP_-_Mountain_TrollResearchers at Cornell University have come up with a way to identify internet trolls  80 per cent of the time.

The software could create the possibility of creating automated methods to spot and auto-ban forum and comment-thread trolls.

Justin Cheng, Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil and Jure Leskovec submitted the paper Antisocial Behaviour in Online Discussion Communities [PDF], which details the findings from an 18-month study of banned commenters over three high-traffic communities: news giant, political hub and the vocal gaming communities at… Read the rest

Graphene spins like nothing else on earth

illustration courtesy Chalmers University of TechnologyScientists at Chalmers University of Technology said that large area graphene preserves electronic spin over a long period.

And that means the window is now open for the long-touted spintronics, promising faster CPUs and memory for computers.

The aptly named Saroj Dash, head of the research group at Chalmers, said: “These results will attract a lot of attention in the research community and put graphene on the map for applications in spintronic components.”

Spintronics, already used in state of the art hard drives but Dash believes there’s more exciting times ahead.… Read the rest

Futuristic Intel chips under the bonnet of supercomputer

tm40-whirlwindA supercomputer being installed in the Argonne National Laboratory will have more than 70 core Knight’s Hill architecture and some other fairly sexy interconnect.

According to the Platform the project – dubbed “Aurora” – will be the first time in 20 years that a chipmaker, as opposed to a systems vendor, has been awarded the contract to build a leading-edge national computing resource.… Read the rest

Scientists make battery breakthrough

lithium-ion batteryA group of researchers at Stanford University claim to have invented an aluminium battery that will spell the end of lithium-ion batteries.

The batteries are made of a mix of graphite and aluminium and the Stanford scientists said that commercial production of the new style batteries could charge a smartphone in less than a minite.… Read the rest