Triple Halo launches iFag for smartarse smokers

Smoking is pretty cool and it sucks that it can give you cancer and a load of other nasty stuff too. Triple Halo is trying to minimise the risk from smoke damage with the launch of a new electronic cigarette that was kindly sent to this 30-a-day smoker for trial.

The Halo e-haler still delivers you that all important nicotine fix, and thankfully, doesn’t look like as much of a toy as competitors. If you ignore the blue light at the front that lights up with every drag, anyway. Instead of the carcinogen-heavy smoke from a regular fag, the fake cig creates smoke with water vapour. It’s nice, it feels like  you’re actually getting a hit, and there’s plenty of smoke to breathe out.

It’s a bit rich of Triple Halo to suggest that “unlike the real thing” these iCigs “don’t kill you” considering the toxicology of nicotine and the links to pwning your heart. “A perfectly healthy water vapour and nicotine mix” is ridiculously misleading.

However, the overall experience is pretty pleasant. You can get a couple different flavours – mint, tobacco, apple and strawberry, making smoking one a tad like having a portable shisha pipe. The cigarettes themselves are rechargeable. All you have to do is stick the bottom half of the fag to your computer via a supplied USB cable and you’re okay to go in an hour.

Triple Halo brags that because it’s not a real cigarette it can “legally be enjoyed anywhere,” such as pubs, clubs, bars and even on aeroplanes. I tried it on the tube and no one stopped me, but you do look a twat. If I had the opportunity to try one out on a plane, I don’t think I’d have the gall, and I can only imagine someone lacking certain social skills would dare to bother being “that guy.”

I would give the Triple Halo e-haler 3 cancerous lungs out of 5. Why? Although an improvement on other electronic cigs on the market, it still looks kind of like a goofy toy. For someone genuinely trying to quit, but can’t stand cold turkey, I imagine they would be more likely to go for a more discrete option like Nicorette’s inhalers. As a replacement to cigarettes, it’s no good. However, if you like Shisha and smoking it’s a fun device every now and then. And tasty.