You use phones less when you’re out of work

Telephone BoxA team of researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have discovered a correlation between whether people are working or not.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, people make more calls from home and don’t make as many phone calls as when they’re in work.

The scientists found – perhaps to no one’s great surprise – that in a European factory that was shut down, the total number of calls made by people unlucky to get made redundant, phone calls fell by 51 percent compared to people who still had jobs.

And it had a knock on effect on mobile towers, with usage falling by 20 percent.

Also, perhaps to no-one’s surprise apart from the researchers at MIT, people without jobs contact fewer people every month and the people they do call are different.

Jameson Toole, at MIT, said: “People’s social behaviour diminishes and that might be one of the ways layoffs have these negative consequences. It hurts the networks that might help people find the next job.”