Workstations go through the doldrums

Dell logoThe second quarter of 2015 showed poor sales for desktop workstations, falling by 3.7 percent compared to the second quarter of 2014.

IDC said total shipments of desktop workstations amounted to 641,580 units.

Ebenezer Obeng-Nyarkoh, a senior research analyst at the company said: “Despite the disappointing second quarter results, the market is expected to continue growing as high end PC users and Apple Mac Pro users migrate to workstations.” He added: “As IT professionals continue to increase demand for high performance computing, graphic capabilities and greater reliability, ISV certified workstations are expected to move into the computing mainstream.

The leader of the pack continues to be HP, which has 43.1 percent market share but its shipments declined by 9.3 percent, year on year.

Dell in the number two position gained back some share despite losing share in the first calendar quarter, and holds 37.9 percent of the market.

Lenovo showed positive growth in the quarter with 13.2 percent market share.

Other vendors including Fujitsu and NEC showed declines in the quarter.