Women who stole cash from IS arrested

cnn-isis-flag-spotted-at-gay-pride-paradeThree Chechnya women are in hot water after stealing $3,300 from the IS death cult.

Oddly you think they would be in trouble with the women-hating, decapitation friendly terrorists, but it seems that IS is protected by the same laws that they want to destroy.

The three are now under investigation for internet fraud.

The trio used a combination of the Nigerian Prince con, in which a mark is fooled into giving the con artist large sums of money and catfishing, in which the mark strikes up an online romance with someone he thinks is an attractive woman.

IS is always on the lookout for gullible girls to become rape victims and baby factories to breed child soldiers for Allah.

The three enterprising Chechen ladies feigned interest and even sent faked photos of themselves. ISIS duly sent travel money to an account that had been set up for that purpose. At that point the three Chechen closed the account and stole the cash.

We would have thought that if you wanted to keep your head this was not the sort of fraud you would want to try at home.

Scamming rich Americans is a much safer bet.

What we are not sure about is who actually filed a complaint?

Terrorists groups are not exactly legal themselves, so did the local chapter of IS pop to the local cop shop to file a complaint?

We would have thought an IS terrorist going into a police station would be arrested on sight and his packed lunch exploded by robots.

It does show how you can funnel some of that IS money away from the terrorist organisation. Maybe it is something that the US spooks should consider doing themselves.