Windows 10 upgrade could cause Sudanese deaths

P1-AU854_BGPoli_G_20100422181339Sir William Gates III might be a bit hacked off with his former company’s Windows 10 update policy which could result in the deaths of Africans trying to save Sudanese wildlife.

After all Sir Bill is trying to save countless Africans from dying at the hands of the mosquito, while Microsoft might be responsible for bumping a few of them off.

The Chinko Project manages rainforest and savannah in the east of the CAR, near the border with South Sudan. It has all sorts of problems to deal with including poachers and the Lord’s Resistance Army.

It is doing all this on a shoestring and with limited bandwidth so when the whole lot went down because a donated laptop started to upgrade to Windows 10 the Project went into a panic.

After all, if rangers were under fire from armed militarised poachers, blood could literally be on Microsoft’s hands.

Microsoft’s handling of the Windows 10 upgrade has raised a number of eyebrows for its heavy handedness and shear inconvenience. The last thing an outfit, which depends on expensive satellite communications for internet access, wants is a multi-gigabyte automatic upgrade gumming up the works.

Given how cash strapped the organisation is, Microsoft might like to send a nice donation for putting their lives at risk.  Bill Gates might want to have a word with the company, after all there is no point saving people from dying from Malaria if they are going to be killed off by a Windows 10 update.

If you would like to help the organisation you might like to make a donation here