Windows 10 times your use

SalvadorDali-The-Persistence-of-Memory-1931Software king of the world Microsoft appears to have taken an interest in how much time you are using its Windows 10 operating system.

With its latest Threshold 2 Update Microsoft is also monitoring how long people are using the operating system and sending the data to Redmond.

It is a strange thing to want to do, but it seems that Vole can use the information for marketing. It can safely say that more than 11 billion hours were logged in December. But it could also be a way for a future Microsoft to set up a licence fee for higher and lower users.

The difficulty is getting Vole to admit that it has even started collecting the data. Microsoft spokespeople are getting rather cagey about references to the data it collects.

SpokesVoles are referring people to a bog which does not really answer anyone’s concerns.
It is also surprisingly silly of Microsoft. One of the problems people are having adopting the Operating System is the amount of data that it is collecting on users. It is only a matter of time before that attracts the attention of Euro watchdogs.

The real question is what Microsoft’s long term plan is for Windows? It is starting to look like the free Windows is a research gathering exercise for a bigger cunning plan.  This would explain why Microsoft is doing its best to encourage users to upgrade even to the point of spreading FUD about its own products.