Windows 10 now schedules its own update

windows-10-start-menu-customised-live-tilesSoftware King of the World Microsoft’s malware-like upgrade system is becoming even more intrusive by auto scheduling upgrades to Windows 10.

Over the weekend my wife’s Windows 8.1 machine started to get a note that it has already scheduled an update for May 24. Looking at the screen it is difficult to cancel the scheduled upgrade or to change the upgrade date.

It is not impossible, so Vole is not forcing you to upgrade on that date, but it is still annoying. However it is also possible that she might forget to stop it in time and it will upgrade when we least expect it.  The Goddesses’ computer runs fairly slowly at the best of times, and even an ordinary update takes hours.

To be fair it is better to upgrade now anyway. The free upgrade officially expires on July 29. However there is an element of “I don’t want to be told what to do”.  Besides the Goddess reacts badly to things changing on her PC and it may involve raising eyebrows or the tapping of feet.  Someone will pay, particularly if her Firefox shopping tabs are deleted.

Hopefully after July 29, Microsoft will deactivate its system upgrade system as it is a PR disaster of biblical proportions.