Windows 10 is delayed

windows-10-start-menu-customised-live-tilesA report said that Microsoft hasn’t been able to supply computers that have Windows 10 pre-installed and so is setting up teams to help customers make it happen if they buy a computer on July 29th next.

Bloomberg quotes vice president of Windows, Yusuf Mehdi, as saying that the operating system isn’t finished.

That means the final version hasn’t been supplied to the computer vendors that make and sell the kit through the channel.

However, Mehdi said that it won’t be long after the 29th that you’ll be able to buy a new PC equipped with Windows 10, and he promised that by this autumn “a whole class of machines” will come ready to sell.

In between then, Microsoft will have staff to help install the operating system so that if you tip at PC World they’ll be able to help set it up.

The embarrassing disclosure comes in the wake of some pretty dicky years for Microsoft and its various operating systems.