Windows 10 automatic updates break Nvidia drivers

nvidiaMicrosoft’s moves to make updates compulsory for home users appears to be breaking Nvidia’s graphics drivers.

Comments on the GeForce community forum feature disgruntled Nvidia users for the last week and a half voicing their anger and it is expected that similar problems will happen elsewhere on the world wide wibble.

People are experiencing random crashes after the update has installed, while others have problems with multi-monitor setups.

Some games — including Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 — suffer with graphics problems, and some users have found themselves thrown into recovery mode.

Nvidia driver updates are handled not only by Windows Update, but also by Nvidia’s own update tool. If their databases are not in sync, each could believe it has the most recent version of the driver, resulting in an upgrade loop.

Given Windows 10 updates cannot be stopped, the most obvious solution is to uninstall third-party driver management and hand it all over to Windows Update to avoid clashes.

However Microsoft has suggested that anyone who forcibly stopped any Windows 10 updates would eventually have their security updates cut off.

What this means is that Microsoft is going to have to develop a better system of working with updates with its suppliers or else the whole system is going to collapse fast.