Wi-fi continues to be a cash cow

wi-fi symbolDespite prices continuing to drop on wi-fi in hotels – with many offering it now as a service like hot water and towels – there are still opportunities for service and providers to make money.

ABI Research issued a report saying that the number of installed access points will be as many as 400 million commercial and enterprise units by 2019.

Shops have started offering wi-fi as a free amenity – several high street names here in the UK including Boots, Debenhams and Barclays offer it now for a free.

The idea, according to ABI, is that giving free wi-fi access attracts people into shops, gives customers a good feeling about the vendor, and also is likely to generate extra sales.

Coming up are data analytics and targeted advertising so that as your feet fall into a shop, the vendor will automatically know the kinds of things you like.

Service providers have the know how about us customers and are likely to collaborate with shops, offering a “business to consumer” fresh line of revenue generation.

ABI said emerging technologies including Hotspot 2.0, VoW-Fi and 802.11ac are likely to encourage businesses to bet bucks on growing their business through wi-fi.