Whitman comes out for Clinton

Meg WhitmanThe woman who sliced and diced the maker of expensive printer ink HP into much smaller companies has dubbed Donald Trump an authority figure and backed Hillary Clinton.

HPE CEO Meg Whitman has been a supporter of the GOP and ran as the GOP gubernatorial candidate in California before being defeated by Jerry Brown in 2010. She is also a big GOP fundraiser so her defection will be felt.

She dubbed Donald Trump an “authoritarian character” and a threat to democracy.

“To vote Republican out of party loyalty alone would be to endorse a candidacy that I believe has exploited anger, grievance, xenophobia and racial division. Donald Trump’s demagoguery has undermined the fabric of our national character,” Whitman posted on Facebook about the Republican nominee.

Whitman said it was time “to put country first before party” and that she would give a “substantial” contribution to Clinton’s campaign.

Whitman said that Trump was a “dishonest demagogue” and said that those who look at other failed democracies and believe “it can’t happen here” are mistaken.

“Trump’s unsteady hand would endanger our prosperity and national security. His authoritarian character could threaten much more,” Whitman wrote on Facebook.

Whitman’s endorsement is the latest from a string of business leaders who have moved to back Clinton in recent days, including other high-profile Republicans.

Clinton’s campaign released a list in June with business leaders from whom they had secured support. Among them were several high-profile Republicans, including Dan Akerson, a former chairman and chief executive at General Motors.