Websites will “know” when you’re cross

AngerA Brigham Young University (BYU) professor reckons that the way you use your optical device (mouse) can reveal just how you’re feeling, whether it’s blue, angry, frustrated or confused.

Professor Jeffrey Jenkins said that he and his colleagues can get enough data from people’s movement of the cursor to tell if you’re angry or blue.

He said that the technology will be built into future websites. “Websites can go beyond just processing information, but they can sense you,” he said. “They can understand not just what you’re providing but what you’re feeling.”

So how does that work? Jenkins said that when people are upset or confuddled, the mouse movements become jagged and sudden. And if you’ve got negative vibes, you move a mouse slower.

He said: “It’s counter intuitive; people might think, ‘When I’m frustrated, I start moving the mouse faster’”, Jenkins said. “Well, no, you actually start moving slower.

The professor believes that the same concept can be applied to swipes and taps on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

He has patented the technology and launched a startup company.